Suspending a telephony connector

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Suspending a telephony connector will disable telephony for all users assigned to it. Only administrators can suspend a telephony connector.

  1. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name, and then click Administration.
  2. Click the Telephony tab.

    All Circuit Telephony Connectors that have been previously configured for the domain, either single or in pools, are listed in a table.

  3. Select the telephony connector that you want to suspend.
  4. Locate the Connector settings area and switch the Suspend slider to on.
  5. If there are no active calls on the connector, it will be immediately suspended.
  6. If there are active calls, the connector will be suspended as soon as no calls are in progress. To immediately suspend the connector, click Suspend now.

The administrator can reinstate the telephony connector at any time.

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