Executive-assistant groups

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OpenScape Cloud supports the configuration and use of executive-assistant groups to allow executives to streamline their calling processes with the support of assistants. Assistants control and manage phone calls for their executives, providing their support with a high degree of flexibility.

Executives and assistant may sit at different locations, far away from each other, and still communicate without any restriction or loss of functionality.

Incoming calls for an executive are visually signaled on all members’ desk phones. The executive and the assistant can specify if the incoming calls should be also acoustically signalled on the assistant’s desk phone.

Executive-assistant groups configured on OpenScape Cloud require the use of OpenScape CP600/CP600E desk phones. The group can consist of 1 assistant and 1-3 executives.

Basic Features

Executive-assistant groups on OpenScape Cloud allows the following:

  • The assistant can remotely activate or deactivate call forwarding for the executive.

  • If call forwarding is activated, all incoming calls for the executive are forwarded to their assistant.

  • Incoming calls for the executive are signaled (visually and/or acoustically) at the assistant’s desk phone.

  • An incoming call for the executive is usually answered by the assistant and then transferred to the executive.

  • The assistant sees the status (idle, busy, ringing, or hold) of the executive’s phone at all times. This makes it possible for the assistant to react in different ways depending on the executive’s preferences.

  • If the executive is busy, the assistant can put a call on hold until the executive is ready to take it.

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