Adding or removing tags from topics via the tags section

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Every topic in a Space can have one or more tags.

Topic tags appear below the topic, in the tags section, or within its description as hashtags. They are visible to everyone who has access to the Space, and they are clickable so that you can perform a search by tag.

When you add a hashtag (tag preceded by #) in a topic description, the tag appears automatically into the tags section below the topic. You can also add or remove tags from your topic at any point of time via the tags section.

As a Space participant, you can also add or remove tags from topics posted by others via the tags section. Whenever you add or remove a tag from another person’s topic, that person will be notified via the Notification panel. From that panel they can navigate to the topic where the tag has been added to or removed from and follow up.

  • To add a tag to a topic via the tags section:
    1. Locate the topic you want to tag.
    2. Enter the name of the tag in the Add tag field that appears below the topic.
    3. Press Enter or Tab or click anywhere in the Circuit client user interface when you finish typing.
    The tag is added to the topic.
  • To remove a tag from a topic:
    1. Locate the topic you want to remove a tag from.
    2. In the tags section below the topic, hover over the tag you want to remove and click X in the upper-right corner.

    The tag is removed from the topic.

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