Customizing the Provisioning attribute mappings

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To customize the Provisioning attribute mappings that will be used by the Provisioning Agent when synchronizing the Provisioning entries with Circuit, perform the following steps:

  • Import a csv file with in the data you want to provision or start an LDAP provisioning.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Source > Mappings.
  2. Select the attribute you want to map from the file you have imported in each respective field in the mapping settings view. The mandatory attributes that you have to select are the following:
    • Directory User ID: unique identifier of the external directory

    • First Name

    • Last name

    • Email

    The optional attributes are the following:

    • Company

    • Department

    • Job title

    • Locale

    • Country Code

    • Secondary Email

    • Work phone number

    • Mobile phone number

    • Federation Address: this is only applicable to domains with Circuit XMPP federation enabled. It allows you to map Circuit users to their SIP email address. Select this value only if the Circuit email address is different from the SIP email.

  3. Once modifications are completed, click Next for saving the changes.

    It is not mandatory to change any of the default attribute mappings. However, all Circuit users created or modified after the update of the attribute mappings, shall inherit latest provided values of the corresponding attributes. For more information see “On-demand Provisioning Synchronization”.

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