Which Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) does OpenScape Cloud support?

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OpenScape Cloud currently supports the following Internet Telephony Service Providers that support SIP:

ITSP Name Countries Minimum number of users per Circuit domain and trunk
BCOM Netherlands 5
BICS Europe 25
Colt Telecom Europe 25
Deutsche Telekom Germany 5
Ecotel Germany 5
Gamma United Kingdom 5 1 / 25 2
GlobalConnect Europe 5
GBC Networks Oy Finland 5
GTT (formerly Interoute) Global 5
IP Austria Europe 5
IP Directions France 5 1 / 25 2
NTS Direct United States 5
Plusnet/ QSC Germany 5
Sunrise Switzerland 5
TalkTalk United Kingdom 25
TWT Italy 5 1 / 25 2
Voiceflex United Kingdom 5
VoipVoice Italy 5 1 / 25 2
Voxbone Global 5
X2COM Belgium 5

1 Minimum number of users per Circuit domain and trunk, in case the partner or reseller shares the SIP trunk with multiple domains

2 Minimum number of users per Circuit domain and trunk, in case the customer gets their own SIP trunk


Some of the listed ITSPs can be configured in self-service via Circuit. Once a domain administrator submits configuration data for a provider, provisioning is automatic. For the rest of the ITSPs, you need to contact the Sales Representative responsible for you and collect configuration data in an Excel file obtained from them. Provisioning is performed by our Shared Service Centre (SSC) upon return of the filled-in spreadsheet.

If you have number ranges from an Internet Telephony Service Provider that is not currently supported, you can request to move your number ranges to one of the supported providers.


The list with the supported Internet Telephony Service Providers will expand in the future. If a specific provider is not included in the list, contact with Unify Sales or Circuit Reseller representative to clarify if this provider is planned to be supported or can be offered individually.

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