Sharing files from your Syncplicity account (web client and Desktop App)

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You can share files from your existing Syncplicity account with other Circuit users. The files would be accessible to the current members of a conversation via their shared link which expires after a certain period of time. Further restrictions may apply according to the specific file settings in your Syncplicity account.

Shared files use a shared link. The link is always kept up to date to reflect the latest version of the shared files. Extra storage is not required as the files are only stored in the Syncplicity account and not transferred to Circuit.

  • Pop-ups must be allowed in your web browser.

  • If you are an Syncplicity Enterprise Edition user and on-premise storage has been enabled for you, your Syncplicity IT administrator must update the Syncplicity On-Premise Storage Connector configuration file as described in Configuring Syncplicity to work with Circuit when on-premise storage is enabled.

  • You must connect to the Syncplicity account containing the files that you want to share (Setting  > Extensions).

As soon as you get connected to your Syncplicity account you will be able to attach your Syncplicity files.

  1. Create a new message or edit an existing message.
  2. Click the Attach file icon , and then click Share from .
  3. Browse through your Syncplicity folders, select the files that you want to share, and then click Share.
  4. If your authentication session expired, you will be redirected to an authentication page where you need to enter your corporate credentials.
  5. On the pop-up window, review the file sharing details, i.e. the names of the files you want to share and the private password to access each one of them.
    • To copy the email addresses, click Copy email addresses.
      The email addresses are copied to the clipboard so that you can paste them into an email (recipients' list) and send them the file sharing details.
    • To copy the file sharing details, click Copy details. The file sharing details are copied to the clipboard so that you can paste them to a message and send them to participants who are not in your corporate Syncplicity account.
    • To automatically create an email with the file sharing details, click Create email with details. The files sharing information is automatically copied to a new email on your default email client.
    • Press Enter or click Done. A preview of the attachment (shared link) is displayed.
  6. To remove a shared Syncplicity file before sending the message, click  in the upper-right corner of the file. The file is automatically unshared and cannot be accessed any longer by its shared link.
  7. To post the message with the link to the shared Syncplicity file attached, press Enter or click Send.

The message with the attachment is posted to the conversation.


Participants who are not in your corporate Syncplicity account are required to enter the private password to access the corresponding shared link. Communicate the private password to them by copying and pasting the file sharing details or creating an email with the details.


New participants, who are joining the conversation after a Syncplicity file has been shared, are able to access this file only after it is re-shared. Participants that were removed from the conversation (or left it) are still able to access all Syncplicity files which were shared with them before they were removed (or left), until their share links expire or get invalidated.


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