Sharing files from your Box account (web client and Desktop App)

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You can easily share files from your existing Box account with other Circuit users. Shared files use a public URL that can be accessed by anyone. The link to your Box account is always kept up to date to reflect the latest version of the shared files. Extra storage is not required as the files are only stored in the Box account and not transferred to Circuit.

  • You must connect to the Box account containing the files that you want to share (Settings > Extensions).

  1. Create a new message or edit an existing message.
  2. Click , and then click Share from box.
  3. Select the files from your Box account that you want to share, and then click Share.
  4. To remove a shared Box file before sending the message, click in the upper-right corner of the file. The file is automatically unshared and cannot be accessed any longer by its public URL.

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