What do I do if participants in a video call cannot see me (Web client)?

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  • Circuit conversations use video connections both for video and screen sharing. Bad video and screen sharing can result in pixilation, which if bad enough makes the video impossible to view.

  • If the participants in a video conversation cannot see your video at all, then your webcam may not be correctly configured.

  • If you cannot see the video of other participants, it could be that their webcam is not properly configured.

To check your webcam, first access the Circuit Settings > Audio/Video page described in Testing my camera and microphone.

If no video appears or if you experience video quality issues, then check the Windows settings for the webcam, and consider other possible causes described in How do I resolve issues with poor video quality?

If there is more than one webcam, for instance a built-in one and an external one, make sure the correct one is selected.

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