Custom Apps overview

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You can create apps that use the Circuit APIs for integrating with Circuit. Circuit uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization and supports most common OAuth 2.0 scenarios.

The types of Custom Apps you can create are:

  • Bot apps

  • Client-side Web apps

  • Server-side Web apps

  • Incoming webhook bots

A bot is a server-side app designed to interact with Circuit users via conversation. For a bot you need a client credentials Custom App. The client credentials grant type provides an application a way to access its own service account. In this way, bot applications can be added as participants in conversations.

A client-side app is a web app that Circuit users can sign into and use. For a client-side JavaScript Web app you need an Implicit Custom App. The implicit grant type is used for client-side web applications, where the client secret confidentiality is not guaranteed.

A server-side app is an app that Circuit users can authorize to act on their behalf. For a server-side Web App, you need an Authorization Code Custom App. The authorization code grant type is optimized for server-side applications, where source code is not publicly exposed, and Client secret confidentiality can be maintained.

An incoming webhook bot is a bot user that can post messages received via an incoming webhook.

For more information about building an app with the Circuit APIs and the available OAuth scenarios, see

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