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The Circuit Telephony Connector allows users to establish phone calls between the Circuit client and legacy telephony devices, connected to the public switched telephony network (PSTN) via the voice platform.

  • When using the UTC or the OpenScape Business Telephony Connector, your domain administrator must assign a phone number to you, so that you can receive incoming Circuit phone calls.

  • When using the ATC either with OpenScape Cloud or with your on premise PBX, your domain administrator must enable the telephony support for you, so that your office phone number will be used to make and receive phone calls in Circuit.


The first time that you attempt to sign in to Circuit (after the Telephony Connectors have been enabled) you will be asked to read and accept the Emergency Call Disclaimer.

By accepting it, you acknowledge that you will not use Circuit to make emergency calls as it might provide incorrect location information to the emergency service provider. If you need to make an emergency call, use a land line or a mobile phone.

If you use both the web and the mobile client, you will be asked to accept this disclaimer separately on each client. Once accepted, the Emergency Call Disclaimer will not appear again, except if the mobile client is uninstalled and installed again on the device(s).

The Call history view (web client and desktop App), or the Phone calls view (mobile client), contains the logs of all the phone calls made through your work number via Circuit or desk phone. In addition, you can use this call log to directly place phone calls via Circuit to any of the contacts or numbers listed in the log.

  1. To open the call log:
    • On the web client and Desktop App, navigate to > Call history. It is located in the pane on the left of the Circuit application.

    • On mobile client, tap the phone icon () on the bottom-right of your screen. The Phone calls view opens.

    On web client or Desktop App, the Call history view opens displaying the call log (history) containing the following items:
    • All calls
    • Missed calls and calls that could not be completed (shown in red color)
    • Dialed numbers (Outgoing, Not answered, Failed)
    • Received calls (Incoming, Declined)

    • Redirected calls (forwarded or hunted)

    When you have a phone call with another Circuit user, the user’s avatar will be displayed in the call log. If you want to send a message to another Circuit user you had a phone call, you can hover over the user’s call log and click on the right of the call entry. An direct conversation opens with the person you had the phone call.

    On the mobile client, the Phone calls view opens, displaying the call log (history) containing the following items:

    • Incoming calls ()

    • Outgoing calls ()

    • Missed calls (shown in red color )

    • Unanswered calls ()

    • Declined calls ()

    • Redirected calls (forwarded or hunted)

    For each Dialed number and Received call the duration of the call is displayed next to the time of the call.

    The call log is sorted by date and time.

  2. To place Circuit phone calls directly from the call log, proceed as described in Making a phone call to a recent contact (

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