Setting up the OpenScape Business Telephony Connector

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The OpenScape Business Telephony Connector allows easy integration of Circuit with the OpenScape Business (V2R6 or later). The connector can be semi-automatically configured and enabled in a few minutes. It requires your domain administrator to generate a Circuit domain specific API key (or Token) and your OpenScape Business Service partner to enter this API key into the PBX and assign phone numbers to Circuit users through the Web Based Administration (WBM) of the OpenScape Business.

To generate an API key as a domain administrator, you have to perform the following steps:

  1. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name, and then click Administration.
  2. Click the Telephony tab.

    All Circuit Telephony Connectors that have been previously configured for your domain (if any), either single or in pools, are listed in a table.

  3. If no telephony connector is yet configured for your domain, click Add telephony connector. Otherwise navigate to the Manage settings and routing rules area.
  4. To generate a new API key for connecting your OpenScape Business system with your Circuit domain, click Generate API key.

    The API key for your OpenScape Business is generated.


    You may copy the API key to your clipboard, by clicking Copy to clipboard.

  5. To view the existing API key, click Show API key.
  6. To regenerate the API key for your OpenScape Business, click Regenerate API key. When prompted to confirm that you want to regenerate the API key click Generate.

    A new API key for your OpenScape Business is generated.

    The old API key becomes invalid and existing connections from all your OpenScape Businesses to Circuit are disabled.


Once the API key is (re)generated, your need to communicate it to your OpenScape Business Service partner who, then, has to perform the following steps:
  1. Enter the API key to the OpenScape Business system in order to (re)establish a dynamic SIP trunk between the OpenScape Business and Circuit.

  2. Configure call routing on the OpenScape Business system and link OpenScape Business numbers to Circuit users.


A detailed description of the setup within OpenScape Business can be found at the following documents:

- How to Configure the Circuit OpenScape Business Connector (PDF)

- Circuit OpenScape Business Connector Use Cases and Hints (PDF).

The description is for the EU Circuit and Telekom Circuit.

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