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Circuit undergoes maintenance regularly so that it keeps working efficiently, effectively and securely. Maintenance windows are planned over weekends, when activity in Circuit is at its lowest in... More >
The call quality rating feature is a way to provide feedback for the audio/video quality of the conference calls. On the web client, Desktop App, and mobile clients, when a conference ends, a... More >
Circuit supports the Realwear HMT-1 device (model T1100G) for hands-free operation, running Realwear software version 10.5 or newer. Please contact Realwear to order the device and for post-sale... More >
The following table compares the features of Unify SIP phones and 3rd party SIP devices supported with OpenScape Cloud. Category Feature Unify SIP Phones Generic 3rd party SIP devices Call... More >
As an administrator, you can edit or delete a site that you have previously added. You can delete more than one site at a time. Prerequisites: Deleting a site requires that no users are assigned to... More >
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