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When you open Circuit and click the Spaces icon , the Space selector (pane on the left) by default lists all Spaces you are participating in. You can change this view of listed Spaces using... More >
If you have access to a Space, you can see all tags that have been added to it. Just click News > ; space tags will be displayed in the Details section of the information pane (pane on the right).... More >
You can take a picture from a screen share session. Prerequisites: You are in a call with an active screen share on focus view. Tap at the bottom right part of the call screen. A preview of the... More >
Every topic in a Space can have one or more tags. Topic tags appear below the topic, in the tags section, or within its description as hashtags. They are visible to everyone who has access to the... More >
A hashtag is a tag with the # (hash) sign in front of it. You can easily add hashtags in your topics or replies to topics while you are typing in your message. Create a new message or edit an... More >
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