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Known issues and User Notifications Dropping support for iOS 11: Circuit iOS app version 1.2.89xx (release date: September 2020) will be the latest version with iOS 11 support. Version 1.2.90xx or... More >
Please contact a sales representative for support. For more information, please refer to How do I contact a sales representative? More >
You can view terms and conditions when signing up for Circuit or access them any time from within the Circuit application. In the web client, click Settings and then About. In the mobile client,... More >
The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an annex to the Terms of Service document, which can be accessed and printed at any time from within the Circuit application. For more information please refer... More >
Yes, simply click the link for the document that you want to print and then use the print function in your browser to print the document. More >
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