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When a pdf file is attached to a conversation, a preview of the attachment is displayed on the screen. You have the option to preview the attached pdf file without downloading it. On the web client... More >
You can easily send a message to other participants while in a conversation. You can send a message to start a new topic or to reply to an existing one. Start a new conversation or select an... More >
You can edit or delete a message that you have already sent. Edited and deleted messages retain their location in the conversation feed and the time stamp from when they were originally posted.... More >
You can add an attachment to a message with the following ways: Click the paper clip icon next to the message box to browse and select a file from your local computer. Copy and paste images... More >
You can bring color to your conversations by adding vibrant and expressive emojis and emoticons to your messages. You can use a unique set of standard emojis and emoticons to enhance your messages... More >
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