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Select a Space that you want to post a new topic to and click on the News tab. Type a title for the new topic on the title field. Write your message. Click Send. Your new topic is listed first in... More >
You can create Spaces to build networks of people, share experiences and expertise and keep each other informed. Prerequisites: You must have Space creation rights to create new Spaces. Without... More >
Joining an open Space from the Spaces directory Joining an open Space from the search results Joining a closed Space Viewing the Spaces directory Searching for a Space in the Space directory Adding... More >
Labels provide a way to organize the conversation and Spaces you participate in so that you can group, filter and find them easily. Labels are visible only to you, so the labels you add to... More >
Creating a Space Welcome message Adding or removing tags from a Space Adding multiple participants to a Space at once Space settings Spaces administration More >
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