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Posting a new topic in a Space Replying to a topic in a Space Formatting a message in a Space Pinning a topic in a Space Liking a message in a Space Viewing or downloading files shared in a Space... More >
By default, when people are joining a Space they have the role specified by a Space moderator. You can change this role for a specific participant or remove the participant as follows: Navigate to... More >
Tags provide a way to organize and group related Spaces or messages together and to let people know what a Space or message is about. Tags make it also easier for people to find the Spaces and... More >
You can add tags to Spaces you moderate to better organize them and to make searching and filtering much easier. You can add tags when you create a Space or afterwards. As a Space moderator, you... More >
As a Space moderator you can define the default role that new participants will have when joining the Space. Existing participants are not affected by this setting. Navigate to the Space Settings... More >
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