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You can customize the look and feel of your Space by adding a welcome message in the Spaces that you moderate. Welcome messages have all the rich text and media capabilities that topics have.... More >
You can leave a Space at any time, unless you are the Space owner. If you are the Space owner you need to first transfer your role as owner to a Space moderator before you can leave it. For more... More >
You can view and browse through all available Spaces in your domain. Click the Spaces icon and then click Spaces directory. A list with all the available Spaces is displayed. The Spaces with the... More >
As an administrator of a Circuit domain you can specify the default Space access rights for new Spaces. You can change this setting later. On the web client and Desktop App, click on your user name... More >
The data of all users are retained in Circuit by default. You can request by Circuit Operations or Managed Services to set up data retention feature on your domain to retain these data for a... More >
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